Books Everybody should read at least once.

1 zero to one This book teaches you how to start a startup. The writer of this book is Peter Thiel. What is the meaning of zero to one? Zero to One he advocates that entrepreneurs build something unique, something that completely changes the market, a solution that does not yet exist (going from 0 to 1), rather than building something that is incrementally better than an existing solution (going from 1 to n). Try this book, you will learn many new things.

2 Atomic Habit Atomic habit is one of my favorite books. it will teach you how to make habits, You learn about changing one% each day can affect you in long term... In this book writer talk about if you wanted to quit smoking, you should not think about quitting something you should think about gaining some new habit. And many more tips for building habits. This book is written by JAMES CLEAR

3 CAN'T HURT ME well well well, let's talk about the writer of the book DAVID GOGINS he is the toughest man in the world, he break the world recode of doing maximum pull-ups, and he did 4070 pullups in 17 hours. There is much more to talk about David. In this book, he talks about his miserable life. He has so tough childhood. From there he trains his mind and becomes mentally tough.

4 Rich Dad Poor Dad This book teaches you how to be financially independent. This book is all about building assets you should reduce your liability and focus on building assets. And use the money to make more money, the way the writer writes the book is amazing. You will enjoy it while reading. This book is written by Robert Kiyosaki...